• My login doesn't work!
  • What formats are the videos in?
  • Can I watch your movies on my HD TV?
  • I'm having a problem viewing the videos.
  • Your videos won't play on my phone / tablet!
  • Video playback is choppy. What can I do?
  • Billing
  • How do I cancel?
  • I forgot my password!
  • I forgot my username!
  • How can I verify if my account has been cancelled?
  • General
  • I've stopped receiving your Newsletters .. what's up?
  • I want to be in a video with you. What do I need to do?

  • As new questions turn up we will add them to the list ... don't forget to check back!

    My login doesn't work!

    Login problems can occur for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

    • You mistyped your username, password. Your username AND password are both case sensitive, so "joesmith" is not the same as "JoeSmith". Some mobile browsers will automatically capitalize the first letter, so please be sure that you check before trying again. Please refer to your original signup email receipt to double check the username and password you selected when you signed up. Often times, a user uses a capital letter when signing up, but forgets when trying to login, or vice versa.

    • You forgot your login information. We understand that happens. You can retrieve your login information automatically from CCBill's Support Page. If you still cannot locate your membership, please email us at ..

    • The next issue that may block you from accessing the Member's Area is when a username and password has been shared. If a username and password has been shared with anyone, our security systems catch it and flag the account for abuse. Your account will be suspended for a few hours. If you continually attempt to log in while temporarily suspended, your account gets locked for 24 hours. Don't keep trying to log in. If you didn't share your password, email us at .. immediately!

    • You entered an incorrect login too many times, so you are now blocked. If this happens, please contact us by opening a support ticket at the top of this page.

    • Your membership has expired. This can happen if you cancel your account and your membership expires, or if your card is declined on a rebill attempt. Please contact us by opening a support ticket, and we can verify your account status.


    What formats are the videos in?

    Our videos are available in downloadable and streaming formats. Windows Media Player (WMV) and H264 (MP4). They will work on 99.9% of every computer, phone and mobile device out there.

    Because we have been online since 1998 you will also encounter some older video formats (MPG, M4V, MOV and AVI).


    Can I watch your movies on my HD TV?

    Yes you can .. here's how. Once you have downloaded a movie to your computer, review the following options to watch it on your HDTV.

    - If you're using network based home entertainment systems, such as Apple TV, Plex or XMBC, simply import our movies into the video database on your network, or attached storage, and play our movies right on your TV.
    - Connect your Computer, Laptop or Tablet directly .. with the appropriate cable .. to your HDTV via the DVI out, HDMI out or Video out outputs of your device.

    Numerous network media players / streamers are available here and here that will connect your network to your HDTV.


    I'm having a problem viewing the videos.

    If you are having a problems playing our videos, please download the VLC Player. We have found that player to be the most compatible with most video formats and it will most likely work for you too.

    - Under "Download VLC", choose your operating system.
    - Choose the option you need and install.
    - You're set! If you need any help, let us know and we'll walk you through it. Just let us know which OS you're using.

    If you are having trouble viewing the higher quality versions of videos, please download them first. Your internet connection may not be fast enough to stream these videos from online. (Either click the download link and choose "Save File" or right click on the Download link and choose "Save Link As."). Alternatively, you may need to view a smaller version.


    Your videos won't play on my phone / tablet!

    Firstly, check which video version (format) you are trying to view. The majority of phones can have a problem playing .wmv videos so please choose our .m4v or mp4 version (they will be listed as our Ipod/Ipad/Tablet version).

    In addition to choosing the most suitable format (.m4v or mp4) we suggest you install the latest version of the Firefox browser as we have found that browser will play our videos on 99% of phones and other mobile devices.


    Video playback is choppy. What can I do?

    HD video requires a better than average internet connection and computer, so if you have a slow connection or older computer, you may experience issues. If you can't do anything about that, then try the following:

    - Select a lower quality video.
    - Turn off other programs you may be running like, virus protection, ad blocker, or energy saving settings.
    - Stop any files that you may be downloading in the background.
    - Try closing other browser tabs if you have many opened.
    - Try a different browser . We recommend the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox.


    How do I cancel?

    Aw man! You're ready to go already? Well, if there is ANYTHING we can do to keep you happy, simply let us know. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you ask, chances are, we can work something out. If you still want to cancel, we understand.

    You can cancel your membership at any time during your subscription period. The easiest (and quickest) way is to visit the following page, where you can cancel your membership using our auto-cancelling system:

    If you signed up via CCBill, please click here: CCBill Support System

    If you cannot locate your membership, or you are having problems using the automated system above, please email us at .. Please include as much information as you can about your membership
    - Your Username
    - Subscription Number
    - Email Address Used When You Joined Up
    If we have the information to find your membership details we will cancel it for you.


    I forgot my password!

    If you've forgotten your password, you can get a new one by using the link below. If you are still unable to gain access to our Members Area then please email us at ..

    Get New Password


    I forgot my username!

    Please check your email for the original receipt that was sent to you when you first signed up. It will contain your username and password, along with other information such as your rebill date.

    If you cannot locate that email, then you may be able to look up your account by using the CCBill automated support systems. Please click here: CCBill Support System

    If that doesn't work for you, please email us at ..


    How can I verify if my account has been cancelled?

    Upon successful cancellation of an account, you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address used during sign-up. If you can't find this email in your inbox, try checking your email account's spam folder. If you haven't received the confirmation email or you don't have access to the email address on file, give us a call and we'll verify the cancelation.


    I've stopped receiving your Newsletters .. what's up?

    Firstly, please go and check if your email address is still on our mailing list. If you try to add your email address and it is not accepted then it is still listed.

    If you're email address is still on the mailing list and you are not receiving our Newsletters then they may be going to your Spam Folder. If they haven't gone to your Spam Folder then your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have blocked them thinking they were spam. If you contact your ISP and ask them to unblock our emails that should correct it.


    I want to be in a video with you. What do I need to do?

    I get a lot of requests like this and most turn out to be from guys who are not serious. If you are serious all the information you need can be found HERE


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