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Cathy sucks a total stranger's cock through a gloryhole during our recent road trip .. see more sample pictures below!!

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     ~ Best Halloween Party Ever? ~

If it wasn't then it was damn close .. we had a awesome time at Donna's Halloween party this year and here are all the juicy details .. hehe.

When we arrived at the party there were well over a dozen people there, including Donna, and the feeling in the house was one of excitment with an expectation of sex heavy in the air.

Looking hot and sexy in her costume, Donna came over to Peter and I. As she hugged me I reached down and grabbed her crotch through the tiny white panties she was wearing. She liked that and then when Peter hugged her she grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against her crotch. For a few moments they grinded against each other and there was no denying how horny we all were.

Peter and I played with Donna for a few more minutes until another arrival to the party meant that she needed to go and play host some more. I spotted Charles and Jake so I grabbed Peter and headed for them. After our fun with Donna I was well and truly warmed up and needing some action.

There was music playing in the room so when I reached the guys I started to move sexily to the sound and was delighted to see both Charles and Jake staring at me. They obviously loved the skin tight Policewoman's outfit I'd chosen for the night. And I loved the bulges in their pants that were getting visibly bigger every time I looked at them .. hehe. I knew I was going to have a lot of fun tonight.

I got so incredibly turned on dancing that I grabbed Jake's hand and started to dance with him. While dancing I slid my hand down to his ass, pulled him in very close and whispered in his ear .. "I am so incredibly wet." Jake wasted no time putting his hand inside my costume and as soon as he found my pussy started to finger my hole and rub my clit. As he pushed his finger as far up me as he could I had my hand on his cock getting it harder and harder. Soon I opened his costume, pulled out his magnificent cock and stroked it in front of everyone.

As Jake and I made out, a couple more guys crowded around us and not long after those guys, together with Charles and Peter, started to move towards me. They wanted some of what Jake was getting and I wanted to give it to them. I also wanted to get at their hard cocks .. hehe. I told them we should take this somewhere a little more comfortable so with the five guys following I headed for a bedroom.

I went for a bedroom with a large bed and with the guys watching I stripped off my costume and then lay on the bed. Jake was the only one with his cock out so I pulled him onto the bed with me and then leaned back on my elbows to let the other guys watch as Jake played with my cunt. His fingers continued to fuck me and play with my clit while my hand worked on him. Soon he went down on me and after maybe a minute I felt that familiar 'tingle' in my clit and I began to cum. It felt sooooo good. After I came Jake pulled his fingers out of me and licked my wetness from them.

Jake slipped his cock into my mouth after that and it wasn't long before most of the guys were on the bed with us. They were all naked by this stage and as one guy got down between my legs others moved to the side of me so I could play with their cocks. I was loving the attention. The guy between my legs .. a guy I'd not met before .. fingered my saturated pussy nice and fast for a bit and I'm sure he must have known how much I enjoyed it. He had me moaning quite loudly and very near to an orgasm.

As the guy between my legs moved closer and rubbed his swollen cockhead over my pussy I was literally going crazy for it. I so wanted his fat prick inside me. He positioned it at my hole and then flicked it in and out of my hole several times. That just made me even more eager to get it into me. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait much longer. He pushed his fat knob fully into me and when he heard me 'coo' from the pleasure of it sunk his entire length in. It was EXACTLY what I wanted and I had an intense orgasm .. hehe.

Moments later the guy was hammering me hard and fast and I came again .. all over his shaft. My cunt was so wet and dripping that each time he thrust into me a sloppy cunt fucking sound filled the room. It was so good and not long after I came for a third time!!

At the same time my cock hungry pussy was being slammed, Peter moved up and behind me .. taking Jake's place .. and lowered his swollen fuck stick toward me. I tilted my head back and opened my mouth to take his cock in. He then fucked my mouth as I was sliding my lips up and down his entire shaft. I was so turned on by having his cock in my mouth knowing he was watching these guys fuck me. After only a couple of minutes of making love to his cock with my mouth he began moaning and I knew he was close to cumming so I stopped as I wanted his huge load inside my cunt.

A minute or so later I felt the cock inside me start to spasm and throb and knew the guy fucking me was getting ready to unload. I couldn't wait. Knowing my pussy was about to get flooded by a complete strangers semen aroused me like crazy and I started to orgasm yet again. Moments later the guy let go and the most delicious feeling spread through my pussy as his seed erupted into me!!

When the guy finished unloading he pulled out and almost instantly his cock was replaced by Jake’s bigger and thicker meat. I gasped as it stretched my cunt open and he fucked me deeper than the last guy. It felt so good and he fucked me solid for several minutes until he unloaded deep in my orgasming hole as well. My pussy was a sloppy cum filled mess after that and I knew Peter would want to be the last one to empty a load into me.

The other new guy was next and he asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I was not going to say no .. I was far too hot and horny to say anything but YES. He slipped his penis into my tight ass and I relaxed as he pushed its entire length into me. He thrust deep and the size of his cock was just right and I started to cum again as he quickened up.

I knew this guy was super aroused and that he wouldn't last long before he unloaded. Sure enough as soon as he grabbed my breasts and pulled my ass deeper onto his cock he began to cum a few strokes later. I could feel his cock twitching deep in my ass as he emptied his ballsack into me :-)

Charles was next to fuck me and he slipped his huge Black cock into my cummy pussy and fucked me deep and hard for several minutes before his seed flooded in to join the mixture of semen already inside me. When he'd finished, he said the sight of me satisfying all the guys while his cock was pushing semen from my pussy with each thrust was just incredible and he was surprised he'd been able to hold back his orgasm so long.

Then it was Peter's turn. He was so horny and turned on after watching the guys fuck me and fill me with their seed that he was only able to last a few minutes in my semen dripping used pussy before he exploded in me as well. It was enough time to give me an awesome orgasm though ... hehehe. When Peter had finished with me he told me to show my creampie to the guys.

I spread my legs wide and looked down at the large white globs of cum sitting at and oozing out of the opening of my well fucked pussy and ass. The guys gathered around so they could all see. I started to push their jism out of my holes and began to play with what they had all given me, spreading it over my pussy, ass and legs.

When I stood up more cum escaped and I had large amounts of cum dripping down my legs ... I quickly cupped my hand on my crotch and caught the spill then I smeared it all over my cunt, pussy and legs while they watched. I was so turned on I licked it from my fingers. I really enjoyed giving these guys a little show, then I made my way to a bathroom to clean-up.

All that took place in the first hour of the party and the night continued on until the early hours of the morning. It was one of the best parties we'd been to in a long time and by the time we left both Peter and I were exhausted .. hehe :-)

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