The latest news from Newsletter: September 16th 2011
These 2 Black guys .. plus their 2 buddies .. were soon balls deep in her saturated pussy!!

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         ~ More Fun On The Road ~

Not even Hurricane Irene was able to stop our 2011 Summer Road Trip .. but she certainly tried .. hehe. Here is a rundown on what's been happening during the past two weeks :-)

At the start of the first week that I am telling you about I hooked up with Hooks .. hehe. It had been way too long since the two of us had some 1 on 1 fun together and I have to tell you I had really missed having having his HUGE cock to play with and pleasure me. For anyone who doesn't know, Hooks is one of my favorite Black lovers and his cock is marvellous. It is REALLY thick and it feels absolutely fabulous when it is inside my pussy. I had just the best time with him and after fucking me to several orgasms he filled my stretched pussy with a huge load of his lovely semen :-)

After I got me some lovely Black cock I thought it only fair that Peter get to have some fun too so I had arranged for a cute Black girl to come over later. Gigi wants to get into porn and was advised to contact me to see if she liked fucking in front of a camera. When I got her email I was happy to help her out anyway I could and I knew Peter would be happy to help too .. hehe. Speaking of Peter he was so horny after watching Hooks pleasure his wife that he was literally drooling when he saw Gigi walked into the room.

At first Gigi was a little nervous and uncertain of what to do but that soon changed. We did a little scenario with her and when she saw how eager Peter was to get up inside her she started to think more about the sex than the lights and cameras. It was great watching the two of them fuck and then it was my turn to have some fun with her. I absolutely loved being fist fucked by her before Peter joined the action again and fucked her some more until he filled her tight pussy with a massive load of semen. You will not believe the amount of cum that poured out from her .. hehe!!!

Tuesday afternoon I got to enjoy more Black cock. This time 2 at once .. hehe. Ray and Chris .. two handsome young Black guys with lovely big hard cocks .. fucked me real good for about an hour and by the time they had emptied their balls into my orgasming pussy I was one satisfied wife. I plan on hooking up with those guys again as soon as I can :-)

Wednesday of this first week saw us in Chicago for our first ever visit and I have to say I was more than a little disappointed with the turn out. I had emailed and spoken with about 40 guys during the planning of my visit so when only 1 .. yes that's right - only 1 .. guy turned up I was dumbfounded. What happened to all you Chicago guys who contacted me????

Anyway, the guy who did show up was/is a great guy and I totally loved being fucked by him. I just hope my next visit will be better attended!!

The following day, Thursday, we flew to Atlanta and I knew there would be more guys there willing to pleasure me .. and be pleasured by me .. and I was right. Thanks largely to the organizing of our good friend, Bobby July, I had 19 hard and horny guys welcome me to Atlanta and by the time the night was over I was one happy slut. Thank you to all the guys .. and the 2 gals .. who turned up. I loved all your hard cocks and the sweet southern semen you all gave me .. hehe.

Another flight the next morning and Friday night we were in DC. I knew my visit to the nation's capitol was going to be good but it turned out even better than I'd hoped for. One of the guys who turned up eager to fuck me had brought along with him a 'SuperGirl' outfit and an idea of how we could use it. Well we used that idea and it was a blast. Thanks Hunter!! Thank you also to all the guys who attended and the lovely blasts of semen you all gave me .. hehe.

The following day, Saturday, we were to be in Philly for a gangbang in the afternoon but as luck would have it Hurricane Irene also had plans of visiting Philly on the same day. Luckily we got in just before the storm hit and I got to enjoy the company of seven horny guys. For a couple of hours that afternoon we forgot all about the hurricane as my pussy and seven cocks became the center of attention. Thank you Jim for organizing what was once again a truly AWESOME visit to Philly. You can bet on seeing me back in the not too distant future :-)

Well after the fuck fest our thoughts were soon consumed by the impending arrival of Irene, and to cut a long story short, the hurricane hit, the area surrounding the hotel became flooded and we were unable to leave until Monday (instead of Sunday morning as we'd planned).

Because we were unable to travel to New York City as planned on the Sunday, I had to reschedule my gangbang there. It was Wednesday night before I was able to hold my NYC gangbang and it didn't ended up being a gangbang but rather a threesome. Thank you to the two guys who came along and gave me what I was so in need of by then.

Well there you have the highlights of the past two weeks. The day after my NYC threesome we started a two week vacation .. which we are on right now. We will be back in LA September 18th to start the final week of our road trip and I have to tell you I am sooooooo looking forward to being fucked silly by some huge cocks .. hehe. Oh and just so you know .. we are videoing and photographing every thing and it will all make its way into our members area :-)

Summer 2011 - Road Trip Dates & Places
It's not over yet .. BUT .. there is only on stop left on our road trip ....

September 18 - 23  .. Los Angeles, California

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