Meet Cathy

Please Read: I get a lot of emails from people wanting to meet me .. and fuck me .. and as much as I enjoy answering them, it's just getting a bit too time-consuming. To help cut down on the amount of time I spend answering the same questions I decided to put together this page.

It is my hope that after you read this page you will know everything you want .. and need .. to know about meeting, and fucking, me. Please read through all sections as there is a lot of information here and you should know it all.

If you still have questions .. please email me and I will write back quickly :-)

What You Should Do First

If you have already written to me you may have already done these two things, if not please read what is below so that you will know what I would like you to do first :-)

- Send me a picture of yourself :
You know what I look like so I would like to know what you look like. A nude photo is not necessary .. but please send one if you want to. I do want to be able to see your face and preferably some of your body. If you want to also show me your cock then please do .. I would love to see it .. hehe.

- Tell me about yourself :
I'd like to know a little about you .. as much as you are comfortable telling me .. so when you write please include a bit of a description of yourself. You know .. likes, dislikes .. that sort of stuff.

Stuff You Need To Know

The following is VERY important stuff that you really need to know. Before we meet you must agree to everything below.

- You will need to get tested :
I am allergic to latex .. and plain don't like condoms .. so if you are going to fuck me you must get tested for HIV/Hep/Std's and then bring with you the original test results showing that you have tested negative. This test can not be older than 30 days. I will also get tested and show you my results. ** NO TEST = NO SEX **

- Photos and video will be taken :
We will avoid showing your face if you ask us to and you are also welcome to wear a mask to hide your identity.

- My husband will be present :
- You must sign a 'model release' :
- You must bring along a photo ID :
- You do not have to pay me :

When We Meet

Now onto the fun stuff .. hehe. I love sex and there isn't much I won't do with you. To help us have a truly awesome time together I have listed below my thoughts on a few things you might want to do.

- Anal sex :
I love having a hard cock fuck my ass .. but .. I need to be fully aroused first. DON'T push your cock into my ass as soon as we start. If I am having a gangbang then I will most likely get super turned on very quickly and want to be fucked in my ass. ALWAYS ask before you do fuck my ass.

The thickness of your cock is also an issue with anal sex. You can be large but not huge! If you are as thick as a coke can I can't take your size in my ass. Here is an example of a thick cock which I can take .. example picture .. if you are this size of less then it will be fine for you to fuck my ass :-)

- Swallowing :
Until recently I didn't swallow .. but .. now I do! If we are having a good time and you want to cum in my mouth I will most likely be happy to let you. I also like to play with cum in my mouth before swallowing it.

- Creampies (Internal Cumshots) :
I absolutely love it when a guy cums inside me (in my pussy or ass) so if you want to do that I certainly won't be saying no. I also absolutely love to be fucked when I have cum in me so if you want to continue to fuck me I will definitely love it. Gangbangs are great for this .. hehe.

- Mouth Kissing :
I only mouth kiss with my husband. You are most welcome .. and encouraged (hehe) .. to kiss my EVERYWHERE else :-)

- Gangbangs :
I absolutely love to be gangbanged by groups of guys so if you have some friends who would like to gang fuck me then please let me know. No number of guys is too large .. hehe

Let's Make It Happen

All that is now left to decide on is where and when we can meet up.

- Where :
We set aside at least 3 times a year when we get out on the road and meet people. At present these definite travel times are; March, July and October.

In the past we have travelled to lots of cities just to meet people and many times they have not shown up. Now what we do is this... We limit our visits to cities where we know people / have held events before with good attendance.

We will visit new cities but before we do we need someone in the city who is able to arrange people to attend. In the case of a gangbang this means a guy who is able to arrange for a group of guys to gangbang me.

- When :
We set aside times during the year to get out and meet people and hold events (fuck parties) and these are usually during March, July and October. So that you can keep up to date on exactly when and where I will be meeting people, please join my Newsletter as we include our latest travel plans in them.

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Email Cathy

You can use the link below to send an email to me. I look forward to hearing from you .. and having you fuck me :-)